Sulakshana Jayaram



Young Sulakshana jayaram gave a beautiful recital... Her movements are significantly very graceful. She strikes aesthetic poses with poise and utmost ease. The footwork in the Varnam was sharply etched and executed with the tingle of the salangai chiming with perfect resonsance to the rhythm... she portrayed a plethora of emotions in the padam 'mathura nagarilo' which were a delight to watch.

 The New Indian express, 2004


"She steps to conquer" ... The quest for flawless execution. That is what drives Sulakshana Jayaram. The audience was engrossed in watching the graceful danseuse performing Krishna nee begane baaro, a composition of saint poet Kannadasa. As she moved to the front of the stage with deft suppleness of her wrists in Padavarnam Sulakshana had cast a fishing net...The beauty of dance is that it has the power to have and hold an audience's interest. Thats what Sulakshana Jayaram did. With a challenging glint in her eyes and with refined movements of hands and feet she elegantly portrayed everyone of the items she chose for the evening.

 The Indian express , 1998


"Scintillating bharatnatyam recital ... young Sulakshana was a picture of perfection and composure. Her dance was marked by impeccable precision in footwork, graceful body language and empathy in Abhinaya. The varnam in Navaraagamalika was the main item and stood out as a connoisseurs's delight"

 The Indian express, 1998


... her "angasuddam" was immaculate as seen in "Aadi kondar" portraying the dancing Lord. As usual, Sulakshana has left an indelible impression in her portrayal of the varnam "Swami nee rammannave".

- Sarigamapadhani, March 2002

Legends and Luminaries on Her dance


Her beautiful rhythmic movements to the tunes simply enthralled the audience.For one so young she exhibits remarkable empathy in abhinaya and brings out the true spirit and meaning of the sahitya.There is no doubt that she will scale astounding heights in the field of Bharatnatyam in a short time...'

- Vice president, Narada Gana Sabha, Karur(1991)


Sulakshana is simply born to dance...

- Shri.T.V.Gopalakrishnan