Sulakshana Jayaram



Sulakshana Jayaram of Chennai captivated the Tiruchi audience with a graceful performance ... each item was distinct in treatment and brought the artiste's creativity and brilliance to the fore. The piece de resistance was the varnam in Raagamalika a composition of the Tanjore Quartet in praise of Lord Shiva. The vivid and varied execution of sancharibhavas brought out the ability of the artiste to exhibit the emotions with artistic embellishments. Her mastery over laya in the rendering of the intricate jathis received the audience's praise. Sulakshana displayed her forte in interpretation of emotions and her depth of her philosophical understanding emrged in Nadanar's 'Varugalaamo'..."

-  The Hindu, 2001


Dancer with a fine blend of talent and poise. Her passion for Bharatanatyam was evident and she shone with self confidence. An arresting stage presence...Sulakshana was most evocative in the Gitopadesha. Arjuna's initial confusion on the battle field and his subsequent understanding of the situation were handled with sensitivity and depth.

-  The Hindu, 2004


Sulakshana proved her mettle with Sivakamasundari, Jaganmohini. The piece had an ethereal quality to it...

-  The Hindu, 2002


Sulakshana Jayaram gave an outstanding Bharatnatyam recital. Her traditional nritta and bhava, both were simply mesmerizing... She has a very charming stage presence.

- Journal of Vedic Heritage (New York), Jan-Feb 2004 Vol VII

Legends and Luminaries on Her dance


Rarely in the recent past have I come across a youngster of such talent. The clean lines of the dance etched by her limbs (angasuddha) was matched by her undoubted talent and commitment, which shone through. Incidentally, Sulakshana means "One with beautifully defined features". When this is matched by the finesse of her dance, it is truly an elevating experience.

- M.Varadharajan IAS, Former Secy. of Culture, Govt of India


"I have had the pleasure of watching Kumari Sulakshana jayaram perform and bloom into a very fine dancer. She is extremely talented with a deep sense of commitment, excellent laya and grace, poise and a very charming stage presence. Her skills are beautifully honed and her command over the dance form is noteworthy ... She is so beautiful. So meticulous, so much peace in her dance".

- Smt.Alarmel Valli , Bharatanatyam Exponent