Sulakshana Jayaram



Legends and Luminaries on Her dance


“Her (Sulakshana's) soulful rendition of the meera bhajan brought back memories of Smt.M.S Subbulakshmi's vocal rendition of the same for the U.N Session”

 - R. Venkatraman, Hon'ble Ex-President of India


Her perfection is noteworthy She is a gifted person and also highly committed to classicism. Many talented people do not find the art absorbing due to lack of commitment. There are a lot of committed people who do no have the natural gift of talent. Sulakshana has the commitment to her art and also has the gift of talent in abundance. I feel she is going to be not just a beneficiary but a contributor to her art...'

 - His Holiness Swami Dayanand Saraswati




"Sulakshana Jayaram was a pick of the dancers.Her beautiful dance lines with excelent laya command ,reinforced by highly internalised abhinaya capacities.The amplitude of the aalidha or pratyaalidha leg stretch and clearly defined araimandi made even the 'Natesa Kauthuvam' at the start assume a larger dimension.The Varnam saw the smitten nayika and the splendour of the 'neelakantha highlighted with rare skill and emotive throb..."


"A star is born"... A bright star has appeared in the Bharatanatyam arena in the person of Sulakshana Jayaram If at all proof was needed it was there in abundant measure in the Ragamalika varnam …the manner in which she went through this piece revealed her immense potentiality. The five rounds of jathis that she executed with poise, precision, polish and ease endeared her to the audience and she got a well deserved applause for the round of jathis. She presented Swati Thirunal's compositons in Hamsanandi which described the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. The sculpturesque poses she struck of the dancing lord were a joy to behold.

-  The Statesman



There was Sulakshana Jayaram leaving an imprint in her first foray to Delhi. Most certainly a dancer to watch...very statuesque movements.... Rendition of the varnam gave ample proof of command over rhythm and movement. Sulakshana's dance radiates serenity ...

-  The Hindu