Sulakshana Jayaram



Sulakshana Jayaram is regarded as amongst the foremost young exponents of Bharatanatyam. She is acclaimed for her compelling dynamism in technique, charismatic stage presence and an emotive throb that marks her dance. Impeccable precision in footwork and angashuddham, flawless execution of adavus and a deeply internalized absorbed rendition of various bhavas and sancharis performed with rare skill, blend with harmonious synchrony into perfect unison in her dance.


Following an exemplary series of concerts in Chennai for the 2011-2012 dance season, she was conferred the 2012 "Natya Bhairavi" Award from the Sri Bhairavi Gana Sabha. She also received the 2012 Best Dancer Award from the Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.


Sulakshana is an accredited 'A' grade artist with Doordarshan, India and is an empanelled artist with the India Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). She has been presented by premier Sabhas at most major Dance Festivals in India. She has also performed internationally in the USA and Germany. She represented India as a cultural ambassador in Germany for an ICCR sponsored performance tour, under the aegis of the Indo-German Society (DIG) in November 2006. That art does indeed transcend all barriers was proven in her brilliant performances which were highly appreciated and received with standing ovations.


"A star is born, Ethereal, Pure joy to behold, Flawless execution .. Scintillating .. Connoisseurs' delight, Mesmerizing, Born to dance, inherent sense of laya and tala, Enthralling, Picture of perfection and composure...Impeccable, Evocative, Natural flair for abhinaya" are some epithets used by critics to describe her dance.

An art connoisseur writes - "
The lines of the dance etched by her limbs (angashuddham) were matched by her undoubted talent and palpable commitment which shone through. Incidentally, 'Sulakshana' means one with beautifully defined features, when this is matched by the finesse of her dance it is truly an elevating experience."


In the words of a German Rasika "What a wonderful world! What a wonderful Dance! My English-I am Sorry, it is gone at the moment. But I feel like a millionaire..."